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Established in January 2017, Plush Penchants provides writing services to companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and businesses. Our company is still in its inception phase but is growing profitably as more and more people are responding to valuable, effective, and curated content.

In India, the concepts of a writer equate to being an author who has acclaimed books to her/his credit. Awareness of content management, strategy, and curation that stays and reflects with people of the virtual world still stay a mystery for many. When our clients ask us to ‘show’ what we do, we open up web pages and articles on our desktops of our clients’ work as proof of writing (Lately, we got thinking to have a dedicated rack which hold printouts, placed in our office as exhibits).

As much as content writing and marketing is talked about virtually, what most companies, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups don’t understand is –

A. Content writing can brand and revolutionize their story, profile, and product.

B. Writing tailored content is not easy.

When we got conceptualizing our business we knew we had to :


About the concepts of writing and what content writing can do for any business. Why paying a writing agency can be an investment of a lifetime. Or what goes into the recipe for creating quality content. Or why inbound marketing is beneficial for you in the long run.


Sounds obvious as we are a content writing agency! All the same, content writers are more like actors with movie scripts. We have to understand the role, the story, the character and growth potential of our client’s business to do them justice with words. Each of our clients has been in a different business. Daresay, writing content which reflects with them is our priority.


Don’t think so. For most of our projects, we charge on a per word basis and others we charge on the basis of a page. Each project, be it an article, blog, case study, white paper, resume, business profile or website content is researched, curated, planned, and discussed. The document is charted into a rough draft. This rough draft goes through a process of filtration, proofreading, structuring, editing, and formatting. Only when it is good to go, is when the document is given to the client.
Plus, we give our clients two to three chances to get right back with us if they want changes of any sort.
Writing is an art for us!


What makes for a good writer?

This is one hell of a question we get asked most of the time to which we don’t have a reasonable answer to propose. We have many; a conversation worth of stuff to say. Quite frankly, writing isn’t as easy as most other jobs in the market. It is of course, highly overrated but challenging nonetheless.

According to us, a good writer is a psychologist who can diagnose an article just by giving it a satisfactory read and finding out its strengths, weaknesses, errors, and personality. One can tell if there is room for development or treatment. One knows what the article needs.

Likewise, one can write like an amateur and a professional at the same time. And would knows no other way to know if they any good at what they do unless they find people who acknowledge the work.

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