In this list, we give you quick bits about all types of content services offered by Plush Penchants.


Most websites have 10-20 pages which showcase services, ideas, products, and conversations. Resounding words are written to engage more customers or visitors on the website. Every day millions of words are churned out on the virtual web. However, quality immensely matters for each page of the website, be it web pages, landing pages or sales pages.


A company’s brand and voice should speak through its articles. What differentiates amateur content writers from well-established content writing agencies is the quality of an article.
An eloquently written copy will have the following:

  • Original content and context
  • An established understanding of the company’s brand and vision
  • Impeccable use of words
  • Well-structured sentences
  • Highly Readable
  • Grammatically unblemished


Blogs are the sweet spot of colossal reader engagement on websites and social media. Blogging is pivotal for each company, freelancer or start-up. Not only do blogs increase search engine optimization but also resonate pleasingly with readers’ questions. It builds curiosity and inquisitiveness about the individual, brand, company or website.

Blogs speak in a conversational, relatable tone of voice. This furthers connection between the context of written content and the reader. The effects of continuous, substantial blogging yields website followers. As an agency, we always advice our clients to focus on consistent blogging, which is planned, has a specific engaging theme and is fun to read.


Is synonymous with success stories. A client, customer or company who comes seeking a service or product, expects reverberating solutions from you. You as an entrepreneur or a company if has provided customized solutions or have offered refreshing particulars to your client; it definitely is a matter of pride.

It should be celebrated.

It should be documented in the form of a case study.

Case studies are formatted documents which keep the company on a pedestal for providing customer satisfaction through customized solutions or products. Case study work as corporate sale pages for client acquisition and also as a dynamic marketing collateral.


Are furnished company documents which propose in a page; solutions that are provided by a product or service; which can pursue the client, customer or prospect lead to opt for the product or service. In brief details, it also highlights and touches upon the following details:

  • About the Company
  • Clients
  • Mission Statement and Company’s growth over the years
  • Promoters and important team members
  • A blurb or list of products and services offered
  • Analytics
  • Testimonials


The name says it all. Companies who run their businesses through e-commerce portals, make use of catchy, peppy language to increase product sales. But other ventures also need powerful product descriptions for promoting sales. Especially companies which are service based or software based.

Content plays the highest authority in the case of product descriptions. A wrongly written explanation or definition can depreciate the essence, vision, quality and value of the product or service.


Are official documents given to print media or other forms of media; the document state and launch services or products of the company to be read by audiences who are exposed to it.


Are published digital copies or soft copies.



Completes the circle of readership engagement. As the majority of the global population have their accounts on social media; and if they like your company or service, they are looking to follow your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn handle. Freelancers captivate readers and audiences by daily posts and updates about latest trends, lifestyles, services and new product designs on social media portals.


Email templates brand companies. Email templates are used for email marketing. Planned and scheduled templates of email campaigns are used to keep customers and clients notified about,

  • new releases
  • the company’s happenings
  • call to action
  • sales
  • donations and the like


Actually, means content written for presentation. Here, the context and structuring of content is precise and to the point. Presentations should speak little and say more between the lines (and also through images, graphics, and visuals).


Corrects grammatical mistakes, typos, and improves sentence structuring of content or any piece of literature. At Plush Penchants, proofreading is done manually by expert content strategist.



Improves the quality, context, and readability of content. Writers at our agency, revamp written matter on the basis of client requirements and needs.


Companies need clients but lack the skills to woo them. Here, copywriting comes to picture. Writing for advertisements and to boost sales is what copywriting is all about.

We hope that these definitions of the services offered at Plush Penchants helps you select the right service for your business.

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