How We Work

So you are unsure about placing an order with us? Well, it is quite simple! You just need to follow few, easy steps.

Step no. 1:

We are happy to know that you want to place an order with us. Before you do, check our pricing plans. Check our list of services too. If your requirement is listed/ not listed, it is preferable if you follow step no. 2.

Step no. 2:

Fill the form by clicking here –> Get A Quote. On this page, we ask you to fill in the following details.

a. Your name

b. Your email ID

c. Website/s you own

d. Select your project type from the drop-down options. If your project is not listed; then choose custom document from the drop down options.

e. The audience you wish to target

f. Keywords

g. The number of words

h. The tone of voice

  • 1st person articles or content refer to audiences in a personal way by using pronouns like I, us and we.
  • 2nd person tone of voice speaks with the audience and the content is conversational.
  • 3rd person is an impersonal way of speaking. Facts, services, product descriptions, case studies etc. are written in 3rd person.

i. Any additional information you would like to give about your project.

Step no. 3:

Also, do not forget to read through our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to get insights about project management, time frame, payments and other important information.

Step no. 4:

Our Glossary page has brief descriptions of services we offer. There have been times when our clients forget the technical terms of documents. On other occasions, they are not completely sure of the services they need or want.

Step no. 5:

Feel free to drop an email if you have further queries. Our email IDs are


Or you can fill this form below to get in touch with us:

Thank you for your time. We wait to hear from you soon!