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A company’s brand and voice speak through its articles. What differentiates amateur content writers from well-established content writing agencies is the quality of an article. We at Plush Penchants know what a well-drafted article will do for your brand.

Get an eloquently written copy which has the following:

– Original content and context
– An established understanding of the company’s brand and vision
– Impeccable use of words
– Well-structured sentences
– Highly Readable
– Grammatically unblemished

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Did you know, blogs are the sweet spot of colossal reader engagement on websites and social media. Blogging is pivotal for each company, freelancer or start-up. Not only do blogs increase search engine optimization but also resonate pleasingly with readers’ questions. It builds curiosity and inquisitiveness about the individual, brand, company or website.

Blogs speak in a conversational, relatable tone of voice. This furthers connection between the context of written content and the reader. The effects of continuous, substantial blogging yields website followers. As an agency, we always advise our clients to focus on consistent blogging, which is planned, has a specific engaging theme and is fun to read.

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Websites which have peppy words and well-targeted flow of content on their website get more leads and website traffic.
Most websites have 10-20 pages which showcase their company profile, services, products, testimonials, about us and other briefs. Resounding words are written to engage more customers or visitors to the website. Every day millions of words are churned out on the virtual web. However, quality immensely matters for each page of the website, be it web pages, landing pages or sales pages.

Get your website updated or refurbished! If you have just started with your website, get good quality content ready by us before the sale ends!

Post on social media platforms to complete the circle of readership engagement. The majority of the global population have their accounts on social media today. People online who like and adore your personal brand, product or service, are looking to follow your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn handle. Freelancers captivate readers and audiences by daily posts and updates about latest trends, lifestyles, services and new product designs on social media portals.

Enlighten your social media feed through creative, well-designed social media posts!

Once you are done with payments we will send you a link where you can enter your project details in length, so that we can serve you better. We will stay in touch with you via call, email or Skype. 

We ensure 95% satisfaction with our content services provided to you!

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